A Combination Demolition is the 17th episode of Monstraids: Battle Raiders series.


Major EventsEdit

  • Wake and Marcus work together to create a Special Move combo: Fissure Demolition.
  • Wake and Marcus battle and defeats Garrett Archer and Kody Matsumoto.
  • Jayden learns how to use dodging skills from Chase and fierce striking from Tai.
  • Jayden begins a battle with Ace Russell.



Special MovesEdit

  • Raging Typhoon
  • Stone Rampage

Combined Special MovesEdit

  • Fissure Demolition

Raider BattlesEdit


  • Jayden Storms (Storm Sasquard) vs. Chase Arrow & Tai Blaze (Aerial Harriot & Blaze Tygrowl)
    • Winner: Draw
  • Wake Hamasaki (River Dragier) vs. Marcus Owens (Earth Gorlem)
    • Winner: Tie
  • Wake Hamasaki & Marcus Owens (River Dragier & Earth Gorlem) vs. Garrett Archer & Kody Matsumoto (Brave Griffyr & Crimson Salamandra)
    • Winner: Wake and Marcus, & Dragier and Gorlem
  • Jayden Storms (Storm Sasquard) vs. Ace Russell (Predator Acrodrake)