Marcus Owens
Character Information
Aliases Blondie (Jayden)
Gender Male
Age 11
Current Monstraid(s) Earth Gorlem
Friends Jayden Storms, Dawn, Chase Arrow, Tai Blaze, Wake Hamasaki
Rivals Tai Blaze
Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Occupation(s) Battle Raider
Series Information
First Appearance
I don't care about losing! All I want is to win battles and have fun!

–Marcus Owens, BR005

Marcus Owens is one of the main protagonists in the Monstraids: Battle Raiders series. Marcus is a young and fun-loving Raider with the battle skills of a rock which matches his Monstraid, Earth Gorlem's battle strengths.


Marcus is a young boy with pale skin, has shaggy blonde hair that is covered by a red beanie hat, and  has dark-brown eyes.

Marcus wears an orange hooded jacket with green lines and a white collar, has on baggy green jeans, and wears white sneakers. He also has on large goggles that hang over his neck.


Marcus has a impulsive, hot-headed, and friendly personality much like Jaydn's. But he always acts as a sore loser since he always hates losing, but quickly changes his attitude when recognized by his opponents.


The Boy and His GorlemEdit


Special MovesEdit

  • Boulder Bash
  • Giga Hammer


  • Marcus is the only youngest main protagonist in the series.