Monstraids: Battle Raiders is the first anime series based on the Monstraids franchise.


Jayden Storms is a proud and courageous Raider who aims for Raider Supremacy.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Jayden Storms: The main protagonist known as the Thunder Raider. Jayden's main goal is to become the strongest Raider in the world and does so using his battle Spirit and the bond he shares with his Monstraid, Storm Sasquard.
  • Dawn: A Monstraid data and battle checker.
  • Chase Arrow: Known as the Fearsome Hawk, Chase is Jayden's best friend and main rival who aims to become a skilled Wind Raider. His Monstraid is Aerial Harriot
  • Tai Blaze: Tai is a skilled Fire Raider who has a courageous spirit and friendly personality. His Monstraid is Blaze Tygrowl
  • Marcus Owens: Jayden's youngest friend and companion. Marcus battles just for the fun of it. His Monstraid is Earth Gorlem.
  • Wake Hamasaki: One of Jayden's strongest rivals, Wake fights dangerously and viciously with the power of his Water-elemental Monstraid, River Dragier.

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Garrett Archer: His Monstraid is Brave Gryphr
  • Skyla Grace: Her Monstraid is Warrior Lancerlot
  • Kody Matsumoto: His Monstraid is Crimson Salamandra
  • Razor Beach: His Monstraid is Beach Crawsher


  • Nemesis, Inc.
    • Dr. Darkness: Leader and head of Nemesis, Inc.
    • Kronus Lancelot: His Monstraid is Phantom Breaker (evolves into Gladiator Breaker)
    • James Fowler: His Monstraid is Burning Firestorm.
    • King Rex: His Monstraid is Raging Crockilla.
    • Reggie Octavius: His Monstraid is Earth Scorprion.
    • Victor Serpentz: His Monstraid is Fissure Cobracoil.
    • Shasta Basher: His Monstraid is Counter Bearlock.
    • Ace Russell: His Monstraid is Predator Acrodrake.