Storm Sasquard is a Sasquatch-like Monstraid that is one of the strongest Monstraids to exist. It's evolution is Tachyon Sasquard.



Sasquard is based on the yeti or Sasquatch evident to its name. Sasquard has a thick, musclebound humanoid form covered in yellow-and-black fur. Sasquard has two large black tails with thunderbolt-shaped ends. He also has orange nanotech armor covering his shoulders, thighs, back, and torso and has electric circuits on them.

Monstraid DetailsEdit

  • Type: Attack
  • Element: Thunder

Battle StatisticsEdit

Attack 750
Defense 500
Power 700
Counter 500
Speed 600


Jayden Storms, a proud and courageous Raider, is given Sasquard from his father in order to become the No.1 Battle Raider by unlocking its true potential with his Battle Spirit.

Special MovesEdit

  • Storm Charge: Sasquard's first Special Move.
  • Lightning Tornado Blast: Sasquard's second Special Move.
  • Electro Crush: Sasquard's third Special Move.


  • Sasquard is the first Attack-type Monstraid.


Storm Sasquard is based on the creature Sasquatch, as evident by its name.

Name OriginEdit

The name "Sasquard" is derived from "sasquatch", and somehow, "guard" short for guardian. It would also be simply pronounced Sausqard for describing Storm Sasquard as a Yeti-inspired Monstraid.

"Storm" is a state of an astronomical body's, resulting in implying severe weather.

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